6 Suprising Home Remedies For Dengue Fever - 21Grams!!


Dengue- Pronounced as "DENGEE"

Dengue Fever is a highly debilitating mosquito-borne disease mostly seen in tropical countries. It is a viral infection where a human acts as the reservoir while the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes.

Once you are infected with one of the dengue viruses, you will develop immunity to that virus for the rest of your life. However, you can still be infected with the other three viruses. It is possible to get all four dengue viruses in your lifetime. The viruses that cause dengue fever are related to those that cause yellow fever and West Nile virus infection.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Symptoms, which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days, may include

  1. Suddenhigh fever
  2. Severe headaches
  3. Pain behind the eyes
  4. Severe joint and muscle pain
  5. Fatigue
  6. Nausea
  7. Vomiting
  8. Skin rash, which appears two to five days after the onset of fever
  9. Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising)

1. Coriander Leaves   


The medicinal properties of coriander leaves enhance the immunity of the patient. Coriander, when consumed, travels through the veins in every part of the body and kills the bacteria. It can be ingested by making a juice of the leaves.

2. Water

Consumption of at least 8-10 glasses of water is a must, but intake of water should be increased for a person suffering from dengue fever, as dengue results in dehydration. Drinking water or other fluids will not only hydrate the body, but also release the toxins from the body.

3.Neem Leaf Juice

Neem leaves are considered useful for many ailments and dengue is just one of them. To try a remedy using neem leaves, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take a small bowl of fresh neem leaves and a bowl of cold water.
  • Step 2: Ground the leaves and filter them.
  • Step 3: Consume around 10 ml of this mixture three to four times a day.
  • Fever will gradually subside and control the dengue fever symptoms. The intake of the mixture has to be followed even after the symptoms recede, for the next two days. Most known natural home remedies for dengue fever illness.

4.Papaya leaf

Although the exact pathway is unclear, papaya leaves are widely known as being a natural cure for dengue fever. The complex mix of nutrients and organic compounds in papayas can cause a rise in your platelet count, the high levels of vitamin C help stimulate the immune system, and the antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress and eliminate excess toxins in the blood. To try a remedy using Papaya leaves, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take a fresh papaya leaf and cut it into slices. Ensure that you remove the veins.
  • Step 2: Mix the leaves with 10 ml of cold water.
  • Step 3: Ground the mixture and filter it.
  • Step 4: Strain it and drink the juice four times a day.

5.Orange Juice

The rich mixture of antioxidants and vitamins found in orange juice make it ideal for treating the secondary symptoms of dengue fever and eliminating the virus. Orange juice helps to promote antibodies of the immune system, increase urination and the release of toxins, and stimulates cellular repair due to vitamin C’s crucial role in the creation of collagen.

6.Basil (Tulsi) leaves

 Chewing basil leaves has been in practice since ages and is an effective Ayurvedic remedy to treat dengue fever. The natural insecticidal properties of basil leaves will also make you less attractive for mosquitoes. Boiled Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil)can be consumed like a warm beverage.



  1. Turn over empty pails and buckets, so that they do not collect excess water.  If the container that contains water cannot be emptied, remember to cover it well when not in use.
  2. Apply mosquito repellents on all exposed areas, during the day as well as at night on a regular basis to prevent dengue.
  3. Make sure your window and door screens do not have any holes. If so, block those areas properly to eliminate mosquitoes.
  4.  Always sleep under a mosquito net (especially small children as they sleep during the day and hence, the chance of mosquito bite is high during this time).
  5. Always cover your trash can or dustbin when not in use.



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